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Searching for architecture through the design process

The design process of architects resembles in some way the process of making a classical musical composition. The composition is constructed by one person - the composer (or the architect) - and is performed by musicians. The design process of our agency however has more parallels with a jazz-session. A team of musicians play a piece of music together without a pre-planned endresult. The composition arises and enrolls during the actual session. In this metaphor the performing musicians are the architects, but also the client, constructor, physical building engineer and contractor. They all shape the composition.

By not fixating the design forehand, the search for architecture will be visible in the endproduct. This gives our designs the unexpected freshness and richness we aim for.

Because the endproduct is not fixed at the start, it will unveil itself during the process. This does require a specific kind of commitment by clients. But on the other hand, it delivers a home that matches them perfectly and exceeds expectations.

I like complexity and contradiction in architecture. I do not like the incoherence or arbitrariness of incompetent architecture nor the precious intricacies of picturesqueness or expressionism. Instead, I speak of a complex and contradictory architecture based on the richness and ambiguity of modern experience..” Robert Venturi

We do not only design for the users. We design with them.

Our core team consists of two architects: Ruud Visser and Fumi Hoshino.In addition, the clients have an important and integral role in the final product and endresult. After all we are in the process of giving shape to their wishes and demands. Aditionally we see the physical building engineer, the constructor, the municipality, the landmark committee and the aesthetics committee, all as important players in our team. As well as the contractor and subcontractors on the construction site later on in the process.

This ‘designing with the team’ is crucial for our characteristic architecture approach.

Curriculum Vitae Ruud Visser

1990 HTS Bouwkunde Den Haag

1998 Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam (cum laude)

1999 nominatie Archiprix

1990-2006 werkzaam bij (voor) verschillende architectenbureau's: VVKH, DOK, KZG, NLArchitects, FACT, DAT

2000-2003 gastdocent TU Delft, herbestemming

2006-2013 lid Monumentencommissie Zederik

2006-heden: Eigenaar RV Architectuur

2010 nominatie Rotterdam Architectuurprijs

2020 Watertorenprijs