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Our design process starts with the local, the small scale, but we do not merely copy it. In fact we try to avoid specific styles or associative characteristics. We do this by adding as many variables as possible to the existing context. For example history, view, sunlight, interior plans. As a result the outcome of our designing process never is predictable.

It is our ambition to redefine the character of the existing environment with contemporary architecture which at the same time seems to fit perfectly into the local scale.

The Office

Ruud Visser Architects is located in a small village in the middle of The Netherlands. From this typical Dutch landscape we study the specifics of locations. Sometimes it concerns a typological study of houses built in a specific village. Other times it consists a study of small bridges that connect houses to the street in a certain region. And it can also evolve around a study of reuse- possibilities of an existing building. These studies form the fundament underneath the architecture of our office.

The Commission

The office Ruud Visser Architects tries to deliver an optimal architectural design. A design that fulfils all the requests, wishes, rules and standards of the client. Yet we realise that a successful outcome of a commission, depends on the collaboration between the architect and the client. From our side we try to lead our client through the whole building process. That’s why we aim to take the responsibility for the whole building process, from design, cost calculation, tender and supervision of the actual building process. What we expect from our client in reverse is a good as clear briefing of their requests and wishes before we start the design process.


Characteristic for our office is the collaboration with colleagues. We designed the Church in Hilligersberg, de residence in Nieuw Leyden, the eight houses for elderly in Hei- en Boeicop and the Conversion of the Watertower in Meerkerk, in collaboration with Peter Boer. We designed the Conversion of the Watertower in Nieuw Lekkerland, the renovation of a farm in Schoonrewoerd, the extension of a house in Utrecht and the Tiny barn in Hei- en Boeicop, in collaboration with Fumi Hoshino.

For projects with a graphical background we work in collaboration with Frederik de Wal, graphical designer in Schelluinen. We worked partnered with Fredrik on the Backfacade of a former school in Lexmond and the Frans de Jong exhibition. For photos of our projects we are glad to have worked with René de Wit.


Graphical design: Frederik de Wal

Website developers: Webmakers

Photography: René de Wit